About Luyil

Hi everyone, my username is luyil. My birthday is on the 21st of January and I live in Australia. I play alot of games like club penguin, fantage, garden party world, chobots, planet cazmo and pandanda. My username is Luyil in all the games.

This is how I found out about pandanda:

I sometimes visit a club penguin forum called ‘dock penguins.’ Then someone advertised another forum called ‘sunnytropical'(that game is going to be in beta soon. In that forum, someone advertised a website called pandanda.com so I went there and couldnt believe how fun it is. Then I advertised that game in gp and a few people joined pandanda and one of them was my friend called ‘manis’ that made this blog.



5 Responses to About Luyil

  1. manis14 says:

    Thank you so much! You are making me cry!

  2. evilkitty888 says:

    hey manis ts me can I join this blog
    Manis: Hey Evilkitty! Sure you can i’ll put u as author and if you’re good you can become editor but u cannot edit.

  3. God of Vip says:

    can i join your team??? email me at piedaug@hotmail.com

  4. fantageguardian says:

    hi i play fanatge alot ! plz check out http://www.fantageguardian.wordpress.com thx !! 🙂

  5. Supertoes2 says:

    lol i can only use safe chat

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