How to Catch Bunnies and Easter Hunt Rumor!

Hey Pandas! Here’s some news from Henry!

Hi Pandas, Happy April Fool’s Day!1. A lot of bunnies seem to appear from the bush near the middle of the feild. I like to stand nearby the bush to catch them as they come out.

Catching Farmer Dan’s bunnies in Darby Field reminds me of one bunny in particular at this time of year. That’s right….the Easter bunny! I heard an exciting rumor that the Easter bunny will be hiding eggs for us all to find around Pandanda Land next week. I’ll see if I can find out all the details for you and write about it in my blog over the next few days. 

In other news, I’ve been practicing catching Farmer Dan’s bunnies and I’ve come up with a strategy for catching them faster and to win more coins. 

I thought you might all like to hear my ideas. 


2. It sure feels like I move faster and I’m more nible when I drink one of Paige’s Mouse Hair potions to make myself small. I also think the rabbits can’t see me coming quite as easily.

3. I definitely go out of my way to catch all the brown and especially black bunnies whenever they appear. They are worth so much more that it’s totally worth it to run across the field to catch them.

4. Right before the bunnies run away completely I like to find a good spot to stand so that I can catch a bunch of bunnies as they run past me.

5. I found it’s better to run to a location near a bunch of bunnies by clicking once near the bunnies and then, when I get close to them, I can click on them all.

Well that’s it for today. Happy bunny catching! I know Farmer Dan is very grateful for all of your help. Stay tuned for details on the Easter Eggs! 

Well that’s some tips on How To Catch Bunnies! See you Next Time!



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