Henry posts about where the bunnies are coming from, he also posts about the bloggers and funny picture i made

Hi everyone, Luyil here.

There has been rumors of a place where there are bunnies behind the orchard. Henry finally discovered that there is a place behind the orchard. Lets see what he posted.

Hey everyone, I finally found out where the bunnies are coming from! It turns out that Farmer Dan has a field behind the orchard where he raises bunnies. Those unruly bunnies are always trying to get themselves in trouble and have figured out how to open their bunny hutch. They keep sneaking out, running across the field and off into the orchard. Farmer Dan is worn out from frantically trying to catch them all.

In the next week or so, once the snow has melted, you’ll be able to visit his field to help him catch the bunnies. He’ll even pay you some good coins for the help. The bunnies think it’s funny to get chased around and they actually like being caught and put back into their safe and warm hutch after a nice run. I can’t wait!bunnies

Henry also posted something else to the bloggers. Heres what he posted

And a big “HI” to all of my fellow bloggers out there. I’ve been reading your blogs and wanted to send out kudos to the following bloggers;
Indy 59, Robot, Flamester3000, Sameer1000, AltoBhai, MagieCZ, Wutter, Manis, Lime12101, Tano, Hammer, reporterpandanda, edytkakuki, onlymustang, SarRa220, Oxyah and The Pandanda Gang (Polkagirl919, Blowsight, & Kevinice95)! You have all done an awesome job!

If I missed anyone, I’m sorry, I get a lot of emails! 🙂 If you have a blog about Pandanda then send me a link as I’d love to see it.

I also made a funny picture, here it is:

Lets sleep!

Lets sleep!


Lets keep on sleeping

Something else: I found 7 treasure chests today. Yay!

Thats all the updates for now



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