A page Added

Hi everyone,

I have added a new page. It is called “fishes.” It has all the fishes you can catch in pandanda. Check it out!



8 Responses to A page Added

  1. I’m sorry but actually. I dont like this theme. i actually like the one that I had before sorry…
    ~manis (on digby8’s wordpress account

    Luyil:-I’ll change it back 😀

  2. Lulu says:

    Hey this site is cool. I love playing Pandanda too! The new clothes catalog is great.
    See you at: http://www.pandanda.com

  3. Robot says:

    Cool blog Luyil! By the way, you may know me as Donut on Fantage… See you around.

    Luyil Hey, Donut!

  4. indy59 says:

    hey Luyil, nice post! I am currently not adding anyone to my site right now. Sorry. Kool blog though!


  5. Manis says:

    Umm… Indy u got confused with Luyil and myself (manis) umm….anyway thanks for telling me

  6. Manis says:

    Umm.. anis this is also MY blog my accoutn is just digby8

  7. indy59 says:

    manis, i actually meant nice post luyil, and for u, i meant i am not adding right now. k? lol

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