Earth Day

April 23, 2010

Hey Panda’s! Sorry for not posting yesterday. but this is just a report from Henry on Earth Day!

Earth Day is a great time to help raise awareness and appreciation of our planet’s environment. Here are some things you can do to participate on Earth Day :

  • Pick up any litter you see on the ground.
  • Plant some flowers.
  • Turn off unneeded lights.
  • Recycle!
  • Take a hike, have a picnic, or just enjoy the outdoors!

And remember, you can earn double coins in Pandanda today by selling your recyclable items to Steve McClean on East Market Street! Recyclable items like cans and bottles can be found in all the town areas of Pandanda

Well remember, try to do that every day of the year, it will help our planet!



Zing Returning and Earth Day News!

April 22, 2010

Hey Pandas,

I’ve got some super exciting news! Zing Ballyhoo is returning to Pandanda this coming Monday!

He’s sure to have some great new prizes in store for everyone. Zing will be placing golden tickets all over Pandanda for you to collect and exchange for his prizes. Once he arrives, you will find tickets scattered throughout Pandanda Land. You’ll find Zing in his usual spot at the Tree House Lobby.

In other news, Earth Day is Thursday, April 22. Steve McClean on East Market Street is so excited about Earth Day that he is paying double coins for any bottles and cans you find around Pandanda so he can recycle them. Recyclable items can be found around the town areas of Pandanda. Show your support and earn extra coins by helping keep Pandanda clean!

Log in and check the Pandanda Calendar for a sneak peek of more upcoming events!


Zeevex Games Cards and Sorry

April 22, 2010

Hey Pandas!

So sorry for not updating this site. Well I had loads of homework in the end of the year.

BTW! Next year I’m in High School, so I might have a competition in the end of this year.

So on with the news.

A lot of you have been asking for new ways to get your hands on our awesome Pandanda Elite Memberships. We’re excited to announce that we now accept Zeevex Game Cards!

You can use Zeevex in two ways. First, if you already have Zeevex tokens, you can select the Elite Membership you want, then choose the Zeevex payment option to use your existing Zeevex tokens – It’s that easy!

Alternately, you can redeem a new Zeevex Game Card on our Gift Certifcate & Game Cards page. We have special memberships set up for the $5, $10, and $25 Zeevex Game Cards. Fun to get for yourself or to give to a friend.

You’ll find Zeevex Game Cards at the following locations:

(Sorry it’s small)

And this is how the Game Cards look like!


Puzzle Contest Blog Winner – The Pandanda Gang

October 28, 2009
Hi Pandas,Yesterday the Pandanda Gang Blog won the blogger portion of our Puzzle Contest, so today we are devoting an entire article to them as a prize.

The Pandanda Gang is comprised of: Polkagirl919, Blowsight10 and Kevinice95. They run a really great site. It is updated very quickly as news is released about Pandanda Land and the quality of their reporting is very professional. I invite everyone to click on the banner above to check it out. Let’s see how many hits we can give them today!

We asked Polkagirl919 to write about their blog in their own words also, and here’s what she had to say:

“We would like to thank Henry, and The Pandanda Team!As bloggers, we try to make Pandanda better each and every day, by making Pandanda fun and a better place for all. We try to do our best and to come up with ideas to have fun, ultimately wanting to show our appreciation to our fans. And here is our Puzzle Contest story from my perspective.: Ok so, we kinda had a team plan going on so Kevinice looked for pieces, Blowsight and myself were assembling the puzzles and some help from fans too with encouragement. And then we were all shaking in fear and excitement because we were panicking I guess on who is going to win. I think Blowsight was about to lose her mind at one point (it was hilarious!) but we helped her through it! ;-P Most of the pressure was on me because I had the e-mail ready while Blowsight, was finding puzzle P so then we had to publish it ASAP. Our hearts were racing with adrenaline so I was kind of relieved to send the e-mail but the thought of knowing who won got to me so I was scared for a while. Then this morning, I was really scared to get on the computer, because I didn’t want to see who won. But I got tempted and went on the computer anyways then I got hyper for a moment. So I looked on twitter first and saw that I had a lot of replies. And they were all like YOU WON! Then I hesitated and thought in my mind I won!? So then I checked Henry’s blog…. My mother was acting like she didn’t notice me going crazy, lol. Then I had to go off to another day of school, it was a good way to start off my day.”

What a great story.
Congratulations again to Polkagirl919 and thanks to everyone who participated in our contest.


Excitement on West Market Street

October 1, 2009

Hi Pandas,

Today as part of our preparations for our big launch on October 24th you will see some new construction on West Market Street. We’re really excited about our new pet store! The doors will be opening on October 24th and will be of special interest to our Elite Members. The cinema building was completely refurbished to make way for this new pet store, and will likely return to another location at a future date.

new pet shop

Our launch date is only a few short weeks away but already I can’t wait to announce our new pets and adopt my first one.. or two .. or three. Gosh I’m really going to need a lot of pet food!

Look out for me this week as I’ll be in and around Pandanda Land unannounced.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


Beta Ends October 24th!

October 1, 2009

Hey Pandas!

Here it is, the date you’ve all been asking about! Pandanda will end Beta and officially launch on October 24th, 2009!

And don’t forget, as a preferred Beta player we have a very special limited time offer for you! Right now you can sign up for a 12 month Elite Membership for the discounted price of just $19.95. That’s over 60% off the regular 12 month price.

Also, if you sign up now you and your Panda will get to keep ALL of the content you acquired during Beta as well as get a very rare ‘Elite Member’ t-shirt for your Panda! This super offer will disappear on October 24th.

membership special offer~Manis


April 18, 2009

Hey Pandandas! There’s a huge party at Pandanda! It’s for the new beta item realise! Im online RIGHT now if you want to see me im on Willow! Here’s the Beta item pic!


There was a huge Beta Party on Pandanda!



Aunt Arctic came! She is cool on Pandanda! She told me she will be playing Pandanda more than Club Penguin, but she will NOT become a member after Beta. She will also make a Pandanda blog, and might work on our site! YIPPEE!



The party was a little boring, until HENRY CAME ALONG!



The party was cool as! But he left like 30 minutes after! I’m pleased that he came on in an Australian time!

Also Romani plays Pandanda! His account is Romani! He’s cool! So I’ll see you later!


P.S. Do you like my header?